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Seeing your base domain appended to every URL in Google Analytics?

Dec. 29, 2014

So Google Tag Manager is still pretty new and I think I discovered one of the more common snafus that folks will inevitably run into. A couple of weeks ago we noticed that our base domain was being appended to the end of every URL, shown in the screenshot below.

The fix? A simple misstep during our Google Analytics configuration setup. Under Administration > Reporting View Settings there is a field Default Page. For our site, this field should not be populated. It had been populated with, which is why we ... ...

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Dr. Frankenstein's Marketing Maven

Oct. 30, 2014

Today's marketing landscape requires marketers to be cross-trained in a wide variety of skills.  Yes of course there are the standard  items covered in college (the four P's are still relevant) but there is so much more that professors are not incorporating into the curriculumn because they are behind the times.

The modern marketer needs to be creative, analytical, scientific, tech-savvy, patient, hard-working....the list goes on.  And it is tough to find one person with all of those skills and traits.  Today's marketing mavens are not born, they are created.  And, realistically, you will probably need two or ... ...

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How to explain content marketing to your organization

April 22, 2014

Many organizations are embracing the buzz of content marketing but not many really understand how it works, why it works, or how it should be structured and introduced. The general idea is that content marketing establishes trust and thought leadership with prospective buyers, which is accomplished by providing helpful and useful information. But that definition doesn't give enough color for many organizations.

To help you explain content marketing to your organization, I pulled these slides from an internal presentation that I gave recently.


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Three Takeaways from Marketo Summit

April 17, 2014

This post originally appeared on the RingLead blog.

We just got back from Marketo Summit in San Francisco, which is widely regarded as the marketing event of the year.  For our company, there is no better event to attend as our team was able to connect with some of the best and brightest in the Marketo ecosystem, including RingLead customer and newly crowned Marketo Champion of the Year Jeff Shearer.

As the person in charge of managing our own Marketo instance, I was able to benefit personally and professionally by attending some amazing sessions which ... ...

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Lead Source definitions

March 29, 2014

If you're a Salesforce admin, chances are you've been asked more than once what, exactly, a specific Lead Source means. And this is perfectly reasonable because at first glance some of these definitions can appear ambiguous. As you bring on new people who are not familiar with your internal processes, etc., this question is bound to pop up over and over, so why not save yourself some time and post definitions for all to reference?

Yesterday, I did just that and decided to share them with all of you. These are of course specific to our Salesforce org, but hopefully ... ...

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The Nicest Thing I Did Today Was Tell This Lady How Bad Her Email Template Is

March 18, 2014

Every week, I receive a LOT of cold-calling 2.0-style emails. My email address has probably been sold a few hundred times now to a few hundred different companies. Today I felt like giving back to the community, so I actually responded to one. Not to say "Yes! I want to purchase the product/service that you are selling!", but to give some much-needed criticism, as a lot of these folks are really far off the mark.

So here's the email that I received:

And here's my response:

And I can sleep well tonight ... ...

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Postgres + Django + South = Frustration

March 2, 2014

I just applied a South migration which then caused this blog to break. The error that I was seeing was that the new field that I added, 'is_published', a Boolean field, was not a column. I did everything else that I've done 100 times:

python syncdb
python schemamigration blog --auto
Then I committed all of the new code to git and pushed to Heroku
lastly, heroku run python migrate

Normally this works just fine, but for some reason, this broke my app.

After 1.5 hours of trying to figure out what to do, I ... ...

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Perfecting your CRM and Marketing Automation Sync

July 27, 2013

Note that this post discusses the technical points of a CRM and marketing automation sync, and does not have anything to do with marketing. Instead this discusses various ways of syncing the two systems to ensure data quality.

In the past few weeks, I’ve gone to a bunch of events and mingled with some of the smartest people in CRM and marketing automation. On Tuesday, I attended the Marketo Jumpstart Tour in Boston, a Marketo Usergroup meeting in New York City, and a Salesforce Usergroup meeting in NYC. It was a pretty busy week. When I’ve spoken ... ...

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Online Marketing Lessons

July 4, 2013

I have made a lot of mistakes in my career. In my first start-up, I made nearly every mistake you could make with an online marketing plan and wasted a lot of money in the process, which was a big contributor to our failure. This is not to say that I don’t continue to make mistakes, because I do. I make mistakes every day, but they are low-cost and short-lived because I understand how to measure and analyze online marketing activity.

In training fresh recruits for RingLead, it’s forced me to recall some of these tough lessons. The new ... ...

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Oracle to partner with, NetSuite and Microsoft

June 21, 2013

Larry Ellison, the brash CEO of Oracle (ORCL), made a surprising announcement on the company’s Q4 earnings call on Thursday, June 20th.

 In a promise that runs contrary to the consistent WWE-style trash-talking that goes on between him and (CRM) CEO Marc Benioff, Ellison announced a forthcoming partnership with major SaaS companies including Salesforce and fellow cloud competitors Microsoft (MSFT) and NetSuite (N).

Here is the excerpt of the call transcript where he mentions the upcoming partnership announcements (via SeekingAlpha)

"Next week, we will be announcing technology partnerships with the most important –the largest and most important SaaS ... ...

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SQL Basics

June 18, 2013

After almost a year of immersing myself in computer science, I’ve come to a point where I can confidently say that I’ve grasped the basics of database administration via SQL. I have a new found appreciation for what has built, as they’ve made this same process into one that someone without a degree in computer science can not only do, but do incredibly well and put in place a system that their whole organization can benefit from.

But for those of us with aspirations of software development (as a hobby or a career) will probably come across a ... ...

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