Three Takeaways from Marketo Summit

Posted on April 17, 2014

This post originally appeared on the RingLead blog.

We just got back from Marketo Summit in San Francisco, which is widely regarded as the marketing event of the year.  For our company, there is no better event to attend as our team was able to connect with some of the best and brightest in the Marketo ecosystem, including RingLead customer and newly crowned Marketo Champion of the Year Jeff Shearer.

As the person in charge of managing our own Marketo instance, I was able to benefit personally and professionally by attending some amazing sessions which sparked some great ideas and provided valuable insight into how Marketo power-users are getting the most from the platform.

1. Data is King

In his opening remarks at the Marketo partner summit, Marketo CEO Phil Hernandez cited the ever growing importance of data to the marketing department in saying that, for marketers, "data is king."  This is by no means a groundbreaking statement to those "in the know," but is still an important concept for every marketer to fully understand and appreciate.  Through analysis of RingLead's customer base we've found that more often than not it falls on the shoulders of marketers to clean, protect and enhance the company data, so these marketers have embraced the challenge by devoting their time, energy and resources into cleaning up their dirty data.  Why?  They know that they'll be able to do their job better, because marketing success is largely achieved by effective database management.

2. Personalization Options are Expanding

The whole idea behind marketing automation systems like Marketo is to engage prospects and customers in "conversational" style marketing, so the messages that he or she receives are more relevant to their goals and objectives.

Until recently, this personalization was limited to one channel: email.  The messaging in your email campaigns can be dynamic based on the data that you have stored.  If they're a marketing person, send message A, but if they're a sales person, send message B.  If they are at the VP level, send message C, but if they're a manager, send message D.

This is now going to be enhanced in a big way with the integration of Insightera, a company that Marketo acquired in December.  In the same way that you're able to customize the emails that your customers and prospects get, you'll be able to customize the messages and content that is served up to them on your company website which will most definitely result in a more engaging user experience.

3. Marketo is positioned as the centerpiece of all marketing activity

It's been said before by some very smart people in the marketing and technology world but Marketo has shown itself to be a very strong marketing platform.  The 2013 introduction of webhooks, Marketo's flexible API layer, allows third-party vendors like RingLead to build a strong hook into the platform.  This strategy is well known to those of us from the Salesforce ecosystem; Salesforce cites that companies that have multiple AppExchange apps installed in their instance have a much higher likelihood of being successful with their CRM platform.  In it's early phases, Marketo's Launchpoint partner program has proven itself to be a great resource for marketers.

Whether you are a Marketo user or not, I'd strongly encourage you to attend some of their upcoming roadshow events, which are taking place in major cities across the United States. The opportunity to mingle with and learn from other marketers has always proven to be one of my best outlets for professional growth. Lastly, as far as educating yourself, if you're interested in how Jeff Shearer, the Marketo Champion of the Year, is using RingLead and Marketo, watch the webinar that we held with him recently.