Oracle to partner with, NetSuite and Microsoft

Posted on June 21, 2013

Larry Ellison, the brash CEO of Oracle (ORCL), made a surprising announcement on the company’s Q4 earnings call on Thursday, June 20th.

 In a promise that runs contrary to the consistent WWE-style trash-talking that goes on between him and (CRM) CEO Marc Benioff, Ellison announced a forthcoming partnership with major SaaS companies including Salesforce and fellow cloud competitors Microsoft (MSFT) and NetSuite (N).

Here is the excerpt of the call transcript where he mentions the upcoming partnership announcements (via SeekingAlpha)

"Next week, we will be announcing technology partnerships with the most important –the largest and most important SaaS companies and infrastructure companies in the cloud. And they will be using our technology, committing to our technology for years to come.

That’s how important we are doing 12c. We think 12c will be the foundation of a modern cloud where you get multi-tenant applications with a high degree of security and a high degree of efficiency, you at least have to sacrifice one for the other.

Again, I would call them a startling series of announcements with companies like, NetSuite, Microsoft all that happen next week will give you the details. These partnerships in the cloud I think will reshape the cloud and reshape the perception of Oracle Technology in the cloud. 12c in other words is the most important technology we’ve ever developed for this new generation of cloud security."